Thursday, June 16, 2011

14th prestige

Just Hit 14th Prestige last night! soo excited I've only got 1 more to go and I've finally made it to my goal. I have now bought all the emblems and backgrounds that are available to me. Also I can now get the gold camo for my guns once i get more in game money. Once i hit 15th prestige i plan on trying to buy ever gun and attachment and get all my perks pro after that i will have nothing else to do except wait for Modern warfare 3. I am soo excited because i have never completed a prestige in any of the COD Series. this will be my first and i am soo close to getting there.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Call Of Duty Black Ops 40 and 1 Domination on Hanoi

Here you guys go another new video finally started uploading them. This is a domination game where it shows me going 40 and 1 the whole thing didnt record but the actual was 71 and 2. But whatever 40 and 1 is still not bad. I had some chopper gunners and started racking up the kills. I have a few more videos to upload so ill try to get some more on here soon! thanks for watching.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Super Bowl XLIII Commercial Doritos Free Doritos In-Game Ad Funny

I know this is old but i seen this last night while watching tv and it is still the funniest commercial i have seen in a long time. So i just had to share and make sure that all you guys get a good laugh like i did. Enjoy!

Monday, June 13, 2011

dallas wins

Congrats to the Dallas Mavericks with there first ever NBA championship.

Also, this weekend i got some more games and videos coming soon, got a lot of time played this weekend during double exp weekend. I should have videos uploaded later this week. Also i made it to 13th prestige. im very excited about that. I now own all the backgrounds in the game except for the last which i cant unlock just yet. But im going to keep on until i make it to 15 almost there! so excited.

Friday, June 10, 2011

2x exp weekend

This Double EXP weekend on black ops so thats what ill be doing all weekend. Hopefully ill get some more videos up for you guys to watch while im at it.

Double exp starts at 10am PST. If anyones going to be on and wants to play leave me a comment and ill try and check back from time to time and join you.

Also, for PS3 user the Map Pack escalation comes out. I do not have this yet sorry! soon as i get some extra funds i plan on trying to get this!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Elite Beta Testers!

Call of Duty is looking for Beta tester for the New ELITE thing i was tell you about a couple of days ago. GO here--> if you would like to be a beta tester. Me personally did not sign up. I am not in favor of having to have to pay more to play a game. Hate monthly subscriptions already cost 60 bucks for the game and 60 bucks a year to play anyway. Why do i need to pay more. Is anyone signing up? thoughts?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I have 400 Followers now YAY!!

Also does anyone know what that rainbow +1 Counter thing at the bottom of blogs is? what does it do? I clicked it and it wants me to sign up for something so i closed it. should i sign up?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - E3 2011: Gameplay Demo

this is a new game play video of Modern Warfare 3 i seen this yesterday looks pretty awesome in my opinion. Moving underwater then blows up a submarine. Shows what looks like an american city being destroyed. They did say some of the game would take place in America and a lot of other country's to portray WW3. Shows towards the end what looks like to be the AA-12 Shotgun. So im guessing shotguns will once again be secondary weapons. Let me know what you guys think.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Activision Finds New Way to Monetize 'Call of Duty'

"Call of Duty" might be the best selling franchise in the video game industry, but Activision-Blizzard is looking to double down on its earnings potential.
The company has unveiled a subscription-based online service called "Call of Duty: Elite" that will provide extra content for players, including map packs and social network functionality for players.

Due to launch this fall alongside "Modern Warfare 3," the next installment in the series, "Elite" will not only give players access to downloadable content for the game, but will offer in-depth tracking of player statistics and an advanced matchmaking service, letting people play multiplayer games with friends or opponents with similar skills.
People who do not subscribe to the service will still be able to play the games online for free.

Activision has not yet announced what Elite's monthly subscription fee will be, though analysts expect the charge to be between $5 and $8 per month.
That would be on top of the $60 players pay for the original game - and, if their preferred platform is Microsoft's Xbox 360, they're likely also paying $60 per year for Xbox Live (which allows them to play online).

That starts to become a high price to pay a video game, but "Call of Duty" has long since transcended the "just a game" category. The franchise has sold over 100 million copies - and when new versions come out each November, they cement a spot at the top of the sales charts for months. Over 7 million people play "Call of Duty" games every day, spending hundreds of hours playing multiplayer matches.
It's a regular habit, too. Activision says the average customer spends 58 minutes per day playing the game - more time than most people spend on Facebook.
While "Elite" is an ambitious effort, it's one that could have a long-term impact on the stock, says Pachter.

Found this article a few days ago and decided to let you know so everyone apparently needs to invest in activision-blizzard stock!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Amazing call of Duty Black Ops Jungle 42 and 1!!

This is amazing game once again it didnt record the whole thing but what it did record is pretty sweet! 42 and 1 thats a 42 kill/death ratio! that will surly raise my overall k/d. thanks for watching!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

League of Legends!

Just started playing League of Legends again. kinda miss the game ive kept up with following it just didnt play as much! Anyway last night i won my first ever ranked game with DR. Mundo

Apparently according to my friend hes not a good champion for ranked 5's. Well i like him i like most tanks. Mainly because they dont die as fast. seems like all DPS and support champs get nuked instantly and then you back to playing the waiting game to respawn. With mundo i get Massive health regeneration! specially with his ULT. Most of his abilitys dont do alot of damage with tank build but if your good with your cleaver you can help your team by slowing down the enemy. Late game when you have most of your tank items mundo can Live for what seems like forever especially if you have your ULT just pop it and you get all your life back.

Also i Bought a new champion NUNU hes cheap only 450 IP yay!!

Ive been Jungling with him. Super great at jungling with his consume ability. I usually build AP and off Tank. His AP attacks are amazingly powerful. If you can get someone in your ULT they a pretty much dead once it hits them. Then he has the Ice blast which slows and a build in speed boost which helps for the chase down or the run away. Definitely going to have to start learning this champion really well. Also if anyone else plays and wants to add me add BLK Jesus in game. I try and play most nights.