Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Call of Duty Black Ops Hanoi 38 n 3 Domination!

i know its been awhile since i posted a video was finally able to get some more uploaded last night. this is an older video ive had just havent had time to upload it on youtube. Anyways, its a domination ground war match me and my buddy was in. I end up doing really well pretty much defending the center building. I end up even getting 2 chopper gunners. the only bad this is that there is way to many building on this map to get very many kills with them. I think i got about 5-6 kills with each of them not sure. It was still a really good game. Also, i plan on make an assault rifle, sub machine gun, and probably Light machine gun blog, maybe snipers and shotguns 2 not sure yet. Thanks for watching and i hope you enjoy!